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27 Oct 2012

Aha, so you found this site, eh? Well, welcome. It's a complete mess, and has been for some time. Basically, this site is a stopping ground for a ton of old writings that are either on their way to permanent archiving or to some other blog site. Most of what's been living here is now on my blog at Medium.com. The rest is on its way there soon.

Why "Hawthorne Crow"?

Ahh yes... I nearly forgot to explain that. My family and I now live in SE Portland, in a neighborhood called Hawthorne -- which, to my great delight, is populated by murders upon murders of my favorite avian marauders. Someday I'll write more about what crows mean to me, but I suppose most people know a thing or two about them. They're curious, clever, resourceful, obnoxious, mysterious... all things more of us should aspire to be.


About Hawthorne Crow

... long-haired smart ass, self-employed web developer, hyper-creative writer, musician, renaissance man, defiant, prone to philosophization, as-always a pyro, ever-frustrated cat owner, free agent, big fan of wearing bandanas.

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