Anchors in the Park

17 May 1991
Tonight, I sat with anchors, in the park
And said that maybe sometime, if I was
On the ocean floor, and a warship came overhead,
I would sit on its anchor,
Hold onto a giant chain link
And if it could just hang midway in the water
As the ship moved across the top,
I'd travel along if I could for a while,
Relaxed on the heavy iron and
Soaking in green,
The same way the park is green,
But the grass is algae, the trees kelp,
And exhalations bubble to blurry stars.
Perhaps the river over the next hill
Has changed into a long shale current,
The Susquehanna current, they might call it,
A fluctuating current -- now thick, now thin,
Here fast, there slow. Even the concrete bridges
Aren't manmade anymore, rather natural wonders
Like giant coral,
So abstract now that it would do just as well
To say someone built the distant mountains,
Or the stars, or else to say that no one built
These anchors I'm sitting on. I've become
A fish who doesn't contemplate the
Broken bottle which makes his home in the river;
A part of the nature is all it is,
Same as anchors are part of the river commons park,
And I am a part of their ocean.

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