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27 Sep 2006

I've been lax in "all things blog" lately -- from updating my own to commenting on others' work. Work, editing my book, and running have dominated my free time. I'll get back to it, though ... For now, my theme is:

Grave, Largo, Lento, Adagio, Andante ... That's right, folks ... SLOWNESS. The quality of not being fast.

On Sunday, I ran my first ever 10k. It was ... well, fun in the sense that I love to run. But, it was also somewhat depressing as my performance was so painfully awful. As I wrote to a friend:

Without excuses: I sucked. The elderly, the infirm, the very young, the crippled, the morbidly obese, those pushing strollers, those walking on their hands, those under cardiac care, those with a history of double lung transplants -- all people who passed me during the race. At one point, so many people passed me, there was sort of an optical illusion going on in which I appeared to be moving backwards. (You probably think I'm joking, but I really did have that sensation.)

With excuses: I ran 5 miles on the day before the race and was a little sore on Sunday morn.

When all was said and done, I got the free t-shirt and socks, drank the free water, and ate the free oranges afterward -- but missed out on the smiley cookies. When you take over an hour to run six miles, you don't deserve a cookie, I guess. My friend wants me to run the North Park half-marathon in 2 weeks. I'm not so crazy about that idea, but who knows ... maybe I'll "get a wild hair," as we used to say.

And, I did learn a little lesson -- not to be so damned judgmental all the time. If you'd have come up to me last week and pointed to a random 250-pound woman and said, "I'll bet you $50 that you can't run 6 miles faster than her," I'd have taken that bet without thought. Now, I'm not so sure. At least I have a * lot* of potential for improvement.

I should also say that, among my favorite memories of the day were (1) running down the middle of all of the normally busy streets here in town, (2) high-fiving the guy who was running the whole race backwards (I lied, above ... He's the only person I managed to pass during the race), and (3) seeing one of the blue-number guys (the guys who run the race so fast that they get to go first and usually win the thing) at the finish line cheering on all of us slow-as-molasses types. I thought that was pretty good sportsmanship on his part.

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On September 28, 2006, Grant Miller wrote:

I hope you slowness does not prevent you from reading The Offiicial Site Of Grant Miller.

Congratulations on the race and the tshirt!

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