Quick Trivia

15 Dec 2006


I was out jogging tonight, listening to disc 1 of the James Brown 50th Anniversary collection. Upon hearing his cover of Night Train, I thought up this marginally perceptive trivia question: What do the following three songs have in common?

1. Night Train (Brown's cover, anyway)
2. Dancing in the Street (all versions, probably)
3. Heart of Rock and Roll (Huey Lewis & the News)

Answer revealed early next week. (Bonus points to anyone who can add to the list! I bet Simon could ... What in hell happened to his blog, anyway?)

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On December 16, 2006, Jim Dee wrote:

I know, I know ... but I said it was only "marginally perceptive."

On December 16, 2006, roxtar wrote:

List of cities? Like "Living in America", "Route 66", "Chocoloate City" by Parliament. Yeah, there must be a few more. "Life During Wartime" (bonus points for the shout out to Pittsburgh PA).

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