All Me Little Nasties

14 Nov 2006

Below are the answers to my FuckShitDamn post the other day (with links to the Wiki of Pedia), in which I challenged readers to identify selected songs with foul language in the titles.

1. Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover -Sophie B. Hawkins
2. Damned Old dog -The Roches
3. Sodomy - [from the originalHair soundtrack]
4. Too Drunk to Fuck -Nouvelle Vague (Dead Kennedys cover)
5. Damn -Matchbox 20
6. Fuckin' Alone -Iggy Pop
7. Shit Towne -Live
8. Damned Ladies -Rufus Wainwright
9. Fuck and Run -Liz Phair
10. Oh Shit -The Buzzcocks
11. Star Fucker -The Rolling Stones
12. Silverfuck -Smashing Pumpkins
13. Damned for All Time - [Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack]
14. Don't Damn Me -Guns & Roses
15. Fuck the Middle East -Stormtroopers of Death
16. It's a Motherfucker -Eels
17. Shit on the Radio -Nelly Furtado
18. You Fuckin' Die! I Said -The Pixies

Honest to god, I have no friggin' clue as to where that Stormtroopers of Death song came from. My guess is that it possibly represents a moment of late-90s Napster curiosity. Or, it could be from a certain incarcerated nephew of mine. Tough call.

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