A Game for the Whole Family

09 Nov 2006

I'm way busy tonight. But, quickly, here's a wholesome little game we can play. Just out of curiosity, I did a search through my hoard of music for songs that happen to have the words fuck, shit, or damn in the title -- and also (in all but two cases*) have the title sung or said in the music. Some I knew; others I have to wonder how they ever got into my possession. (Well, I think I know how they got there, but that's a discussion for another time, perhaps.) Anyway, I've put together 18 super-short snippets from these songs into what I'm calling my "fuckshitdamn string of clips". See how many artists you can identify from this eclectic selection. The winner gets a cool prize -- like, I'll name a quirky midi composition after you or something.

* Two exceptions ... One song had fuck in the title but is not sung in the song -- except the guy does happen to say fuck at the end, so I included it. The other one -- (#3), which should be obvious -- does not have fuck, shit, or damn in the title at all -- but I saw it there and figured I'd throw it in anyway, as it does have a title that fits in with the spirit of this important project. Okay, I've wasted too much time ... Back to my novel.

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