Paul Stanley's Application

18 Apr 2008


In yet another major coup, BSUWG has obtained the application of Paul Stanley, lead singer of KISS. (*)

Hometown: Detroit Rock City

Physician name (in case of emergencies): Dr. Love.

Worship preference:

[ ] Atheist

[ ] Judeo-Christian

[x] God of Thunder (AND rock and roll)

[ ] H-to-the-izz-O, V-to-tha-izz-A

[ ] Jainism

When driving ...

[ ] First I smoke, then I drink

[x] First I drink, then I smoke

[ ] First I release the hand-brake, then I adjust the rear-view mirror

Reasons Past Relationships Failed: (check all that apply)

[ ] Me and the boys went fishing and we just couldn't find the lures.

[ ] Me and the boys heard baying but we just couldn't find the hound.

[x] Me and the boys were playing and we just couldn't find the sound.

[ ] Halitosis / personal hygiene

Please indicate your preferences for rocking and rolling:

[ ] I prefer to rock and roll just until 9:00 p.m.

[ ] I prefer to rock and roll until the "witching hour"

[x] I prefer to rock and roll all night

And your preference for partying?

[ ] I like to party less than 3x/week

[x] I like to party every day

[ ] I like to party every other day

[ ] Rarely, but I make a mean chili con queso

In most ordinary situations, one should:

[ ] leave it alone

[ ] reach for a hand towel or a wet-one

[x] lick it up

[ ] cover it up and act as though it never happened

Why do you feel that way?

[ ] It's a personal preference based on experience.

[ ] The bible tells me so.

[x] It's only right, now.

[ ] It's sanitary.

(* photo shown is not actually Paul Stanley.)

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On April 18, 2008, BeckEye wrote:

My response:

I looked at your profile and my blood boiled hot. I felt my temperature rise. Wanna meet today at Starbucks?

On April 18, 2008, Chris wrote:

Yeah, but e-Harmony rejected him.

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