Erich’s Etude

24 Nov 2007

Erich’s Etude Opus 12, Completed Spring 2007. Well, what can I say about this one? It’s just a crazy thing that I like to play more than it is a real rag or anything. I’d originally set out to write a more formal piece here, but it took on a life of its own and it is what it is. A name came to mind at some point in the process, apropos as the tune ends abruptly after just three themes instead of four. (But, what would you expect from a magician?) Since I wrote this beast, I can (and often do) play it, but it’s got a few measures during which one can actually hurt oneself if played too quickly. It’s chock full of clichéic stuff, mostly drawn on the New Orleans piano tradition, yet maintains some fleeting sense of originality I guess. Or not. As such, I never really meant to write this one down, but did anyway. Surely you know who Erich is, right? Erich Weiss? Ring a bell? (Answer.)

Ps The midi is rather plain sounding. Add pedal when playing!

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