Huck and Jim En Route to Cairo

24 Nov 2005

Opus 2, Composed March 2005. This was my second rag. Somehow a proper AABBACCDD form eluded me still, this one having only one D strain. Aside from the robotic-sounding (rendered) tremolos, the piece isn't bad, though. The inspiration is obvious. Hopefully, the A theme sets the overall mood and time period, the B section recalls many of the perils encountered, the C section recalls some of the more complex philosophical musings, and the D section evokes a river setting (and the richness of the chords in that section reflects both the general joy of this novel and perhaps just a slight awareness that Jim and Huck in fact missed Cairo, having drifted past it in the fog). The spectacular footage, by the way, is from a public domain work called "People Along the Mississippi" (1952) by Gordon Weisenborn. Super stuff in that whole work, worth checking out on

Sheet Music: Huck and Jim En Route to Cairo.

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