Performance Notes for My Compositions

24 Nov 2004

My sheets are posted here mainly for your convenience and broad direction, in case you’d like to play or perform any of these (which you’re welcome and encouraged to do). However, my notation software is a little limiting, so keep these thigns in mind:

  • Octave shifts are NOT represented in standard form (e.g., “8va——”, etc.). Instead, the software places small 8s above the treble or bass clef indicating shifts. So, be sure to listen to my midi files for clarification if you’re playing something and it gets confusing.
  • Tremolos need to be notated using 32nd and/or 64th notes, which makes the sheet music look ungodly complicated. Ignore these things and just tremolo as best you can. Many of the notated tremolos come out robotic-sounding when generated by the various software used to notate the work. In most cases, the if a tremolo sounds awful in the MP3 or midi file, the indication should be that a more subtle tremolo is called for, and certainly rarely shoudl it sound as computer-like as some of them do here.
  • I don’t generally mark dynamics or pedaling for the purposes of this web site. But, these pieces certainly aren’t meant to be staccato — just pedal with normal discretion and you'll probably be fine. (In almost all cases, pedaling notation was done to get a desired effect in the midi file, not to instruct the pianist.) Future posts with interpretations, either generated or hand-played, will indicate dynamics.
  • I often roll 10th chords, sometimes for style, sometimes because my hands simply won’t reach. When I definitely want a rolled / arpeggiated chord, I often notate that so that it comes through on the midi file. Other times, I just notate the 10th as is. I leave it up to you to roll or not to roll.
  • If a section is written out completely (e.g., all 32 bars instead of 16 and a repeat), it usually means whatever difference exists from the first 16 bars was viewed as important by me.

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