The Blue Cat at the Scratching Post(modern)

24 Nov 2005

The Blue Cat at the Scratching Post(modern) Opus 5, Composed Summer 2005. Blue as in “based (somewhat) in the blues scales”; Cat as in “intended to (somewhat) mimic cats”; Postmodern as in “many influences, many textures, etc.”; Scratching, as in “pun on scratching post” and, to a lesser extent, the feel when you’re playing the main theme is kind of like scratching a cat. This tune is mostly in Db. The main theme started out as an improvisation one day a while back & I thought it was catchy, so I jotted it down. There’s a good bit of room for improv in this piece, if you’re able to do that sort of thing. I play it almost as written, but embellish a few parts and alter the timing here and there. There were a couple of measures where I just couldn’t perfectly notate it to mimic how it’s supposed to sound… but I got it about as close as possible to my intentions. The trio is not blues-based, but I like how it fits in to the piece.

Sheet Music: The Blue Cat at the Scratching Post(modern).

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