The Pittsburgh Hottie

24 Nov 2005

The Pittsburgh Hottie Opus 4, Composed Summer 2005. I suppose the term “hottie” is universal slang meant to indicate that someone is attractive; however I don’t believe I’d ever heard the term prior to moving to Pittsburgh (where, it is often uttered by those with the deepest Pittsburgh accent as “hawty” — as in “Yinz saw some hawties dahn-tahn at the Stillers game.”). But, no matter where you’re from, I think the term has its universal connotations. If a piece of music were to be called a Hottie, it would almost certainly have to be a fast-paced rag, textured with sensual suggestions, evocative rhythms, rich chords — and it should be course fun to play. Is that what this is? You be the judge. (I like it, for the most part. The opening sections aren’t too bad but, I must say, the D theme represents some of my more inspired work to date.)

Sheet Music: The Pittsburgh Hottie.

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