The Six-Ten Swing

24 Nov 2007

The Six-Ten Swing Opus 15, Composed November 2007. This one’s for my dad, born June 10, 1943. He’s spent quite a lot of time learning James Johnson pieces on the piano. I think it was Loveless Love, one of his favorites, that I saw once in 12/16 time. This is a good time signature for notating swing, as you don’t have to do it in 2/4 with a bunch of triplets everywhere. This lively, fatherly tune starts out in Eb, switches to a light Gershwin-esque second theme in Ab, then reprises the main theme again, only using a habanera rhythm. The trio is pure ragtime in Bb. For the finale, I switched back to Eb and got a little showy, keeping the habanera beat going for the 1st 16 bars. The repeat of the final theme recalls the opening theme in a grandiose manner. And, a big ending seemed called for. So, this one’s got a little something for everyone. I'll have to add sound files later, as the time changes in this one are giving me problems rendering a satisfactory file. But, I'll return to it in late 2011 to try to post a midi at least.

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