For Máire Brennan

25 Oct 2013

I call this piece "For Máire Brennan" as a tribute to the well-known singer from the band Clannad. Their 1975 release "Clannad 2" is among my favorite recordings of all time. While probably not readily apparent in this recording, this composition includes some intentional, very oblique, references to that album -- especially the haunting "By Chance It Was."

While this piece is best realized on a specific spacey synth sound I have on another synthesizer, the sound here from my Yamaha digital piano is actually a fine example of how I would envision this piece mentally. (Unlike my previous upload, this one is a live-played recording -- includes a few mistakes, but all in all I'm happy with it.)

The piece works well for solo piano, if at the cost of a certain ambience. I played it once for a group of piano players... I think they were expecting my usual ragtime because, when I finished and turned toward the group, they all just stared at me for about 10 seconds before applauding. That was weird, and memorable; I thought they probably hated it at first.

As for the video portion... I was looking for some public domain visuals to accompany the sound. After probably two hours of searching, I found some footage from some family's tour of Ireland. So, I clipped out almost everything except for countryside footage, turned it black and white, and voila. Seems eerily fitting. The original footage is online here.

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