The Dee Family's Scott Joplin Sheet Music Collection Featured in Pittsburgh Magazine, February 2007!

03 Dec 2012

The collection was featured in Pittsburgh Magazine in February 2007! I thought you might like to read the article, but wanted to set it up properly first. For starters, I should thank a few people for their hard work.

The writer was Jon Wander -- great all around guy and fine writer. Jon and I spent a couple of hours going through the collection, talking about each piece and so many other details of Joplin's life. He really invests a considerable amount of time into his work. Jon does freelance writing in Pittsburgh, often for Pittsburgh Magazine. He's at JonWndr [at]

The pictures were taken by Pittsburgh-area pro photographer, Judy Browne. Judy made two trips to the house for this shoot -- once to do tests shots, and once more for the shoot itself. She stood on chairs, rearranged things, adjusted all sorts of settings on her super high-tech pro camera gear, etc. Amazingly, she was even skilled enough to capture my image without ruining the camera forever, so she deserves much praise. Judy can be reached at: jmbrowne101 [at]

Finally, the staff at WQED did all sorts of great stuff. They had a design team do the layout (though I didn't meet any of these people), and even had a fact-checker call me. So, it's a first-class organization. If they put this much work into just 2 pages of the magazine, just imagine all the work they all do each and every month.

Okay, so that ought to cover everyone. Here's the article. Right-click on that link and select "Save As..." to save it to your hard drive. It's about 11 Megs (saved in high res).

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