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27 Nov 2012
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About this project: This page is still somewhat "under construction," but is coming along slowly. For many of Scott's works, we could only locate B&W pics. If anyone has color photos or scans to share, we'd love to post them. Be sure to also visit our Scott Joplin and Joseph Lamb pages.


Frog Legs Rag

1906, Stark Music

Two versions shown here... the usual green...



...and one with a red background.

Kansas City Rag

1907, Stark Music




I believe this also came in a dark grey version (which we do not own).

Grace and Beauty

1909, Stark Music

Here's another tune with the same cover: "Kansas City Kansas Frances" by Mae Fisher -- also from 1909. Based on the design, this could very well be Stark's first use of this cover.

Ragtime Betty

1909, Stark Music


Valse Venice

1909, Stark Music


Ophelia Rag

1910, Stark Music


Hilarity Rag

1910, Stark Music


Princess Rag

1911, Stark Music


Ragtime Oriole

1911 Stark Music

Note: We have the usual greenish version...



...but it apparently was also issued with a gold colored cover (which we don't own).

Evergreen Rag

1915, Stark Music

Another common cover design from the Stark catalog. Used later for Scott's Paramount Rag (scroll down a bit to see), and also for a Charles Hunter tune, Seraphine Waltz. (I'll have to check the year of this one.)

Dixie Dimples

1918, Will Livernash Music Co.


Springtime of Love


There were apparently two publishers of this this song. More info to come on this, as I learn...


A Summer Breeze

1903, Dumars Music Co., Carthage, MO


The Fascinator

1903, Dumars Music Co., Carthage, MO

Dedicated to "my friend Miss Daisey N. Pierce." I wonder if this is her?

On the Pike

1904, Dumars, Music Co., Carthage, MO


Great Scott Rag

1909, Allen Music Co., Columbia, MO

She's My Girl from Anaconda

1909, Dumars Gammon


Sweetheart Time

1909, Dumars Gammon


Sunburst Rag

1909, Stark Music

Two interesting notes: First, for the top cover, be sure to visit our Scott Joplin page and scroll down to Reflection Rag. You'll see other sheet music with the same cover.



This second one appears to be an original copy. Who knows if it's "the" original 1st edition cover, or if it's a later one??!

Hearts Longing Waltzes

1910, Stark Music


Quality Rag

1911, Stark Music


The Suffragette Valse

1914, Stark Music


Take Me Out to the Lake Side

1914, Ball Music


Climax Rag

1914, Stark Music


Honey Moon Rag

1916, Stark Music


Prosperity Rag

1916, Stark Music


Efficiency Rag

1917, Stark Music


Paramount Rag

1917, Stark Music


Rag Sentimental

1918, Stark Music

Same cover as Troubador Rag, below.

New Era Rag

1919, Stark Music

See "The Shimmie Shake" below.

Peace and Plenty Rag

1919, Stark Music


Troubadour Rag

1919, Stark Music

Same cover as Rag Sentimental, above.

Modesty Rag

1920, Stark Music

Note: Here's another sheet bearing the same cover design: Sapho Rag by J. Russell Robinson.

Pegasus Rag

1920, Stark Music

Super-interesting news! Here's a sheet that sold on eBay recently from 1908 - clearly an earlier use of this cover. Same title, but by Robert B. Sterling.

The Shimmie Shake

1920, Stark Music

Same cover as New Era Rag from 1919.

Don't Jazz Me - Rag, I'm Music

1921, Stark Music

Here's another Stark publication using the same cover. It's "Twilight" by E.J. Stark. I don't have a date on this one, so I'm not sure if it's an earlier use than the Don't Jazz Me sheet.

Victory Rag

1921, Stark Music

Hmmm, I'm beginning to wonder if all of these late Scott rags used recycled covers from the Stark inventory. Here's another example. The picture below is "The Winged Victory" March & Two-Step by E.J. Stark, copyright 1902.

Broadway Rag

1922, Stark Music

Here's a pic of what I believe may be the first Stark use of this cover. It's Dreamland Waltz by Manuel Cortez, publ. 1912.

March Sumner

1929, Ophelia Watts Jackson, Kansas City, Mo.

note: by Ophelia Watts Jackson, arranged by James Scott.

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