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Welcome to my renovated web site. It's been a while since I've had an internet home, but I'm happy to be back online to archive old things and share some new things. I'm not yet finished assembling this site, however. So, bear with my mess for the time being.

I'll be whipping this place into half-way decent shape during the spring of 2013. After such a long absence from regular smart-assery, it's taken me a while to gather much of what's here, which includes (1) most of my old blog, first known as "Blowing Shit Up With Gas" and later known as "Boldly Serving Up Wheatgrass," both names reflecting my former address bsuwg.blogspot.com, (2) a few of my books, including (a) most of my Tales of the Midwest book, (b) my Pirates of Pamlico Sound novella (included here in full), (c) an early version of a poetry chapbook from the early 1990s, and (d) (possibly soon) the inclusion of a feature-length screenplay, (3) sixteen or seventeen ragtime compositions, including sheet music for many of them, and (4) many other various items.

In all, there are 800-odd posts gathered here to date. My my immediate goal is to use this space to continue assembling and organizing as much of my creatie archive as possible -- although, admittedly, much of that will merely be linked to. For example, I've linked out to some business blogs and health blogs where I've posted considerable additional content (such as PureJeevan.com, where my wife and I have published something like 900 articles on raw foods, and MarketingPortland.com, where I have probably another 100 or so on web development and internet marketing). Sometimes I'm not sure if a post belongs here or on one of those sites, but I try not to duplicate anything; if they belong off-site, then that's where they'll stay.

Why "Hawthorne Crow"?

Ahh yes... I nearly forgot to explain that. My family and I now live in SE Portland, in a neighborhood called Hawthorne -- which, to my great delight, is populated by murders upon murders of my favorite avian marauders. Someday I'll write more about what crows mean to me, but I suppose most people know a thing or two about them. They're curious, clever, resourceful, obnoxious, mysterious... all things more of us should aspire to be.


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