27 Jun 2007


I know I piqued the interest of a few folks with yesterday's theory about Morgan Freeman appearing in Close Encounters. I felt bad about that, as you'll now want to go and rent it for yourself. I don't blame you; I wouldn't believe a word I read here, either. But, to save you the trouble, I did a screen shot from the DVD for your viewing pleasure.

The screen shot is not courtesy of PowerDVD (my Dell laptop's DVD player). To do a screenshot of a DVD, I learned, you have to download a program that allows it. The preferred choice seems to be Media Player Classic (a freeware, open source program). Now, I know some of you suggested that the air traffic controller in Close Encounters could've been Carl Weathers (better known as Apollo Creed from Rocky). And, you may be right, as Carl is credited with the role on IMDB.

But CE3K was made in 1977. Are you telling me that dude, above, morphed into Apollo Creed?! No way ... Carl Weathers was born in 1948; he'd have been 29 in that picture, and that dude ain't 29. That's a nice, relatively younger Morgan Freeman, fresh from his days with " The Electric Company." Freeman was born in 1937, which would make him 40 when CE3K came out. And that dude looks roughly 40, right?

So it's definitely Freeman. Or maybe it isn't ... Damn if I know.