How to Become a Rock & Roll Photographer (

16 Jan 2017

Rock photography has become a sideline interest of mine over the past few years. According to certain statistics, I'm an old pro, having shot perhaps 80-odd concerts to date. According to other statistics, I'm a fumbling beginner from whom one should probably take no advice, having shot all of those aforementioned photos at just three music festivals. I'm unsure which label applies (not that I care), so take all of the following for whatever that's worth to you. Regardless of what level of experience I can claim, I'm often asked: "How does someone become a rock & roll photographer?" I assume that most ask me this because they would like to do it. Well, look no further; I'll lay out a roadmap below!

(Clarification: The "roadmap" mentioned above is really just step one of many. My thought here is that, in order to eventually get paid to do this, one probably needs a portfolio of similar work. And, to build a decent portfolio, one needs access and experience. Yet, it's tough to gain either without actually being hired ... kind of a Catch-22. The information here can help anyone get a portfolio of rock photography. What you do with that, and how you turn that into paying work, is another matter. For now... let's solve step one!)

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