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16 Feb 2007


Does anyone else have the impression that the whole point of mainstream Hollywood is nothing more than voyeuristic soft-porn? I'm not badmouthing voyeuristic soft-porn, of course. But, it seems like, these days, everything's secondary to whatever star/starlett coupling is currently being presented to us.

It doesn't matter which two stars are in which two movies. It only matters that we get to see yet another combination of famous people sleeping together. It's like there are two enormous wheels of A- and near-A-list stars next to each other (picture two of the big wheels from the Showcase Showdown on The Price is Right ) -- one for leading men, one for leading women. Every so often, studio execs spin the wheels. Panels of well-paid marketing experts then discuss each permutation until, at some point, they unanimously conclude that, "Yeah, we'd kind of like to see those two have sex in a PG-13 context." I'm convinced that's how it all works, for the most part.


Though I bitch about it, I'll still probably see it at some point -- like when it comes to the dollar show or Netflix. Drew seems pretty cool; I don't know anyone who doesn't like her. Anyone else see that documentary, My Date With Drew? It wasn't bad.


And, Hugh Grant's not totally unbearable usually, especially considering what a dork he must be in real life. Here's a link to the " Divine Brown (sex worker) " page on Wikipedia. (She was the whore caught servicing Grant back in '95. And, btw, "sex worker"? Honestly, have we gotten that PC these days? You can't even call a whore a whore any more? )

You have to love that photo of Grant. It's got that priceless "maybe getting a blowjob from a whore in public wasn't such a grand idea" expression. Too bad the blogosphere wasn't around back then. Anyway, the man's made at least 15 movies since 1995, so the experience hasn't hurt his career. In fact, it could've helped it.

So, yeah, I'll put in on my Netflix cue. The flick seems musical in nature, anyway, which ought to hold my interest for a while, even though it'll most likely include scenes in which actors will fake playing the piano (a pet peeve of mine).

Sorry, I didn't really have a point. It's Friday.

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