It Was the Best of Movies, It Was the Worst of Movies ...

14 Apr 2008


Sorry about that post, above, my friends. I clicked on some hidden check box in my blogger settings and I think my blog thinks it's a gas pump now. I have to email tech support about that.

In the mean time, I wanted to give perhaps my highest recommendation for a movie: FIVE out of a possible FOUR stars goes to the movie Across the Universe. If you like the Beatles, you absolutely must watch this mesmerizing film (now available on DVD). The way they weaved the Beatles tunes into this story was incredible -- pure genius. The only downside (and I do mean only, as there was only one glaring screw-up) was putting Bono in the movie for a brief time. If that tool hadn't soiled the movie with his presence, I might have given it SIX out of a possible FOUR stars. Still, I'd have to call this one of the best movies I've ever seen.

Ironically, I've also recently viewed quite possibly the WORST movie of all time. That movie was [drum roll] Hot Rod. Honestly, I can't even imagine a severely stoned high school student with a carte blanche pass to the concession stand walking away from the theater not feeling ripped off after this one. I'd rather have watched my dog, The Jooge, struggle to pass a lodged chicken bone on my own living room carpet than to have seen this movie. "Negative Four Stars" doesn't even begin to describe this utter waste of time. I implore you: Do not squander the precious minutes of your short life with this piece of excrement.

Thus ends my opinion du jour.

(ps Actually, if you're a stoned high schooler with a lot of snacks, Hot Rod might not be that bad.)

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On April 14, 2008, Splotchy wrote:

I think you might want to consider expanding your ratings system, as it is clearly inadequate in expressing your love and hatred of a movie (although I guess you did the equivalent of "Two thumbs up, WAY WAY up!").

On April 14, 2008, Chris wrote:

Yeah, but would you buy Hot Rod on DVD?

On April 14, 2008, $teve wrote:

I completely agree with Across the Universe ... and the five Salma Hayeks should have won for Best Supporting Actress.

I enjoyed Hot Rod ... because it was so insanely stupid ... especially the omage (spell check) to Footloose. :)

On April 15, 2008, Leonesse wrote:

I am sure the kids will force me to watch Hot Rod at some point. Thanks for the pharmaceutical warning. I will stock up.

On April 16, 2008, Prunella Jones wrote:

Hmmmm they both sound good to me. I will check them out.