Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

03 Sep 2008


Ahh, yes ... Ten minutes prior to my always-timely departure for an extended lunch hour, I've experienced a vague notion that something of mine has gone unattended for quite some time. But, what was it?

Was there something I usually do that I haven't done lately? Did I forget something related to my at-work to-do list? My writing business development plans for each and every horn dog here at Horn Dog Enterprises (HDE)? My board committees? My extensive home-prep-for-sale list? My wife's social networking site that I coded last week? The artist's digital archive I've coded over the past two weeks? The international consulting web development project that's kicking off soon? Household chores? Jogging w/ the Jooge? My musical studies? My musical compositions? Making notes for two novels? ... . No, it's none of those current projects ...

Oh, wait a minute ... it's my blog ! I've totally neglected it! I forgot I even HAD one!

Jeez, I'll have to attend to this asap! And, my god, I haven't read others' blogs in ages, either. How the hell am I going to catch up w/ all that? Anyone have any generic comments I can use on everyone's recent posts to make it look like I've read them? No, wait, that would be bad, right? Well, thankfully, I'm at work, and can take some time this week to catch up.

ps Anyone recognize that artwork? I found it while searching for "eternal sunshine" but don't recall it from the film. Yet, it does seem like it could be from the movie. Or, was Eternal Sunshine perhaps a graphic novel first???

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On September 3, 2008, Falwless wrote:

Yes, all of those above, and also, "Great post!"

(I swear to god if you leave this on my blog you are dead to me.)

On September 3, 2008, Chris wrote:

You actually READ the posts before commenting? How novel ... .

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