I Said Hand Over the Bran Muffin, God Dammit!

13 Mar 2008


I think I mentioned a while back how, when I was in STL over xmas, my sister, cousins, and I moved our grandparents into an assisted living facility. I may have mentioned how my one cousin, M., used to work as a mover and was able to direct us on getting the heavy shit out of their home and into the truck without ruining the walls, the furniture, or our backs. I vividly recall, during the process, tilting the furniture every damn which way as we were moving it -- hearing all of the drawer contents sliding back and forth banging against the drawer insides. (It was a quick move. We didn't bother looking in the drawers.)

So, it amused me to learn that my mother visited their room at the home recently and had cause to rifle through their drawers for something while the 80-year-olds were in the cafeteria devouring all of the sweet high-fiber goodness that old-folks love. She found not one, but TWO loaded handguns! Thinking back to the U-Haul adventure, I wonder just how close we came to death that day ...

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On March 13, 2008, Beth wrote:

Holy crap!

On March 13, 2008, M@ wrote:

Can I borrow one of your guns? Just need it for a couple of hours. Thaaaaaanks!

On March 13, 2008, Artful Dodger wrote:

I know the feeling. I was shocked a while back when getting stuff down for my grandma I dropped a box of old stuff that contained a loaded Saturday Night Special.

On March 15, 2008, Leonesse wrote:

Egads, you should flesh out that story!! It could be a good one.

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