I Was Gonna Post This Tomorrow, But I Couldn't Hold It.

23 Jan 2008


I know you're just dying to read something gripping, so I present the doggie bowel report:

T'was a particularly formidable movement for Juju on the night of January 22, 2008. A freezing, merciless wind howled across the moonlit suburban hilltop as she hunched over the now-yellowed, snow-crusted zoysia. Poor juju, her chest barren of protective fur (victimized, along with 93% of all Blue Dobermans, by color dilution alopecia ), bravely cramped over, still and cold as an ornamental brass statue, in the icy gale. Sure, she could have indifferently soiled indoors like so many other young pups. Sure, she could have surreptitiously sneaked into the basement for relief. But she didn't. She knew she had an outdoor job to do, and she'd be damned if this one would get the best of her. For a few moments in mid-movement, it looked like the dense, earthy mass of digested chicken bones, lamb meat, and cottage cheese had won, had decided to retreat back up into the warm intracanine comfort from which Juju tried so hard to expel it. The poor beast nearly gave up. Wearily, she looked up at me for moral support, to which I replied "You just gotta do it, Jooge," followed by an appropriately encouraging "Git 'r done." Her determination restored, the young Dobe courageously, fearlessly, almost lion-heartedly bore down hard a second time. The mass crowned slowly, likely painfully, 'neath the shining full moon and then ... after a magical pause ... burst forth upon the lawn at once, landing on the snow rather precariously, almost completely vertical in orientation. It was an achievement, and the Jooge knew it. She rushed to the front door anticipating a well-deserved treat.

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On January 23, 2008, Dragon Laugh wrote:

Have I mentioned I have a very visual imagination ... ?

On January 23, 2008, M@ wrote:

I miss my old dog. Not the bitch, however.

On January 24, 2008, Evil Genius wrote:

I love stories with a happy ending.

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