This Is Not My Final Blog Post

23 Jan 2008


I can be such a pain-in-the-ass hypochondriac sometimes. But, I'm not the type that goes to the doctor every five minutes. I'm more on the other extreme; I ignore aches and pains, figuring (hoping) they'll go away on their own. (And, they almost always do.)

There have probably been a few times I really should have sought medical treatment. For example, that time I sliced my index finger down to the bone while cutting a copper pipe. (It can't be normal to be able to see your own bones.) Instead of going for stitches, I figured electrical taping a paper towel and a small wooden splint to my finger would do the trick. And it did.

But, I had this problem with my gum, way back by a lower molar, that just wouldn't go away. After some Internet hunting, I was pretty sure it was curtains for me. I don't want to write what I thought it was, as it's too gruesome for general discussion. So, I ignored it, hoping it would just magically heal somehow.

Finally, I decided to seek a dentist's opinion on the matter. For brevity's sake, I'll skip the four or five paragraphs of accompanying psychological overdrive my mind had run through ultimately leading up to making the appointment. I figured for sure it'd be one of those "peek and shriek" episodes I've read about on surgical sites. But it wasn't. Turns out it was ridiculously commonplace -- an impacted wisdom tooth pushing on my rear molar and causing trouble. A simple half-hour oral surgery to rip that tooth out is all it'll take. So, next Thursday ought to be interesting ...

The dentist asked if I preferred local or general anesthesia. This may sound crazy to you, but I opted for local. I'm too much of a hypochondriac for general, which I figure puts you way too close to death. I'd rather be in pain and definitely alive than pain-free and near-dead. So, local it is. I can deal for a half-hour, I figure.

So, it turns out I'm not dying. In my mind, today's post was to be my last. I'd accepted my fate on some zen level already ... I figured I'd be a goner soon and would just bow out gracefully, wishing you all well and so forth. I still wish everyone well, but it looks like I'll be around for a while yet. Guess I should think up some stuff to write about tomorrow.

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On January 23, 2008, Splotchy wrote:

As a fellow hypochondriac, I salute your almost last blog post.

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