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03 Dec 2007


My wife and I wrapped some "Santa presents" today. We're pretty sure our daughter knows the big secret about St. Nick, but she's not letting on that she knows. She's prolonging the magic, as it were. Anyway, I was reminded of a story from a couple years back.

See, each year, Santa Claus uses different wrapping paper than mommy and daddy do. Makes sense, right? I'm sure maybe you do the same thing with your kids. So, a few years back, we'd finished wrapping everything from Santa, but still had a shitload of the Santa wrapping paper left over. Sure, I could have just thrown it all out, but being the considerate neighbor that I am, I decided to see if the lady who lives across the street (a mother of four) might be able to make use of it.

So, I sauntered across the street with all of this stuff under my arm and asked if she wanted it. Her verbatim response:

"No, we don't glorify Santa Claus in this household."

Heh ... I was like, "Glorify this, bitch."

(Actually, I didn't say that, or perform the gesture you may have imagined when reading that. But, in my head, I did.)

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On December 3, 2007, M@ wrote:

I pray to the Internet.

On December 3, 2007, Grant Miller wrote:

I discovered the Santa secret after reading "Made in China" on one of my toys.

Oh, and God Bless!

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