God Damned @#$^& Nicknames!!!

12 Nov 2007

Growing up, other kids always had the cool nicknames -- Killer, Diesel, Mack, Chopper, etc. I'd originally written about this a little bit in my award-avoiding memoir, Tales of the Midwest (available as a free eBook or in hard copy along the right-hand margin of my blog), but wound up editing that part out because it would've given away my super-double-secret identity. (My primary nickname was essentially my initials, which aren't P.H.)

Then college came around. Immediately, I became known as "Pete" by those in my dorm. I wasn't too crazy about it, but figured it was all in good fun. I suppose I did kind of look like young master Brady (at least hair-wise) when I was 18:


So, you'll recall my previous post, "Foray into Self-Haircutting" ... A new nickname is taking hold around the office based on my new buzz cut. Again, I don't think I look like him, but my new nickname is "the Verizon Guy."


Can You Hear Me Now? I don't like this nickname very much. (Is there a resemblance between Peter Brady and The Verizon Guy?)

The self-administered buzz cut came out at least half-way decent, btw. Although, I discovered that $6 clippers don't perform exactly up to salon standards. Using them actually hurts a little bit, probably because they're not as sharp. Also, you have to mow your skull about 12 times before it seems uniform. And, it makes one hell of a mess. And, you have to figure out how to do your own sideburns, around your ears, and other clean-up-type areas with the included hair scissors (not bad for $6!), which is awkward when done in reverse before a mirror. But it WAS cheap, which was my goal.

Best regards,

-The Verizon Guy.

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On November 12, 2007, Beenzzz wrote:

My nickname was Beans. Though I still use it, I still think of farts when I hear it.

On November 12, 2007, Anonymous wrote:

I think you should go back to the brady-do myself.


On November 12, 2007, Evil Evil Genius wrote:

You know what you need to do now, Patrick. Go back in with the Gillette. Come over to the dark side!

On November 13, 2007, Leonesse wrote:

There is a fine line between the clippers and the razor. I am glad LK passed over. He is a dead sexy baldy.

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