Goodnight Moon

09 Nov 2007

My mind's awake, but my body's kind of crashed. So, I can't decide whether to sit here on the couch or go through the effort of getting up and walking to my bedroom. Does that happen to you? Too physically tired to hit the hay?

I officially quit NaNoWriMo tonight. Shouldn't have signed up in the first place this year. This month is insanely crazy for me ... picked up an enormous freelance writing gig (about 50,000 words of business ghostwriting / marcom stuff) AND my wife's launching a new business that requires the prompt development of an elaborate WordPress-based blog and web site. So, I've been learning PHP in my spare time -- which is totally foreign to me (Active Server Pages and VBscript being my historical places of web-geek comfort).

But damn, I have to say, the fictional 2,000 or so words I wrote this month are outstanding. I can't wait to keep going on this bizarre, sexed-up futuristic tale. If I could just write on the same level for another 90,000 words or so, I might have something.

Maybe I'm slowly turning back into my old self -- more productive, burning the candle at both ends, more profitable, and (here's a weird one) a 34" waist for the first time since I was, oh, 22. (Yep, went pants shopping earlier tonight. Steve & Barry's rules!)

I'll regret the extra effort in the morning, though. 2:20 a.m ... . maybe I should get some sleep.

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On November 9, 2007, Sturdy Girl wrote:

I should sleep too.

I am in the process of writing the longest piece ever and I have the same thoughts - can I maintain the same level of writing throughout. The answer is sometimes obviously no. And thats when I start deleting like a maniac.

On November 9, 2007, Prunella Jones wrote:

Wow, what are you doing to get so productive lately? Tell me, please!

On November 9, 2007, Anonymous wrote:

hey slim--

burn the candle at both ends get a 34" in waist ... fabulous!


On November 11, 2007, Chris wrote:

Bah ... .sleep is over-rated.

This PSA brought to you by the good folks at Beer, Sex, and Food

On November 12, 2007, Grant Miller wrote:

I need to read more sexed-up futuristic tales.

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