Budman in Peril

04 Oct 2007


Forgot to blog about this last week ... Seems my brother-in-law, Budman (intro, more, more ), got himself into a bit of a pickle lately. He somehow became entangled with a large ring of drug dealers. Not just some "regular" ring, either; a "high up the ladder" group -- the kind that FBI agents spend months and months tracking.

Budman's noticeably fearless most of the time, but these druggies had him thoroughly spooked. I guess that's why he ultimately worked with the cops as their "inside man" to help make a bust. (Working with any kind of law officer for any reason is unheard of in Budman's circle. So, I'm fairly sure this situation was extremely serious.)

Only, it got weird (as opposed to your normal, everyday "inside man" scenario -- which I'm sure we've all of course experienced many times). Apparently, just before the big bust (an action that reportedly took eight months to plan), Budman foiled the plot on purpose. Somehow, he escaped protective custody and informed the little cartel of the impending action.

Needless to say, the detectives in charge of this operation are said to be royally pissed. But, in a strange way, I figure maybe Budman did the right thing. I figure the drug dealers probably threatened to return and kill him if anything happened to them. So, it looks like Budman faced a tough ethical decision:

a) Assist the cops in making a huge drug bust, but live out the rest of your life knowing that a bunch of angry, ruthless goons know where you live and will probably return one day for the big payback; or

b) Inform the drug dealers that the cops (or DEA or SWAT team or narco squad or FBI or whatever) are coming to get them, thus hopefully eliminating the possibility that the drug dealers will kill you (although seriously pissing off literally dozens of "good guys").

Budman chose B. In a weird way, I think it was quite rational of him. Still, I think he should just cash out and move.

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On October 4, 2007, Grant Miller wrote:

Is Budman a euphemism?

On October 5, 2007, katrocket wrote:

Wow! Really interesting post - I hope Option B works out for Budman. Sounds like an episode of Miami Vice, where Budman is played by Phil Collins. Exciting!

On October 5, 2007, Leonesse wrote:

Did they take all of his toys?

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