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31 Jul 2007


I picked this up at a Goodwill for 99 cents a few weeks ago. Just got around to reading it lately. Somehow, I'd never read any P.K. Dick before. I know, I know ... living in a cave or something. Also, I guess sci-fi was never my preferred genre. But WOW! It may be one of the best things I've ever read, in any genre.

Somehow, I may have also gone through life without ever seeing Blade Runner. I mean, Blade Runner is such a well known movie (and I'm such a movie fanatic), I can't imagine that I haven't seen it. But then again, maybe I haven't. It is 25 years old, after all, which made me just 13 when it came out, and it wouldn't have come to my crappy little town's theater.

Maybe it's one of those movies I always felt like I've seen but really haven't -- because I don't recall having seen a movie with the plot of this book. Or maybe I did see it a few decades ago but forgot. So, I looked it up online and found a long web page outlining differences between the book and the movie. Most notably, the words "blade runner" do not appear in this book (something I'd noticed). I'm sure there are sci-fi fanatics who could explain that back story to me.

I also read that the theme of human empathy is largely absent in the movie -- the Mercerism in particular having been cut out. So, they entitled the movie with a phrase not from the book, and also removed arguably the most important theme within the book? Very strange. If any P.K. Dick fans want to offer a suggestion for which of his books to read next, I'd appreciate it!

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On July 31, 2007, Kevin Wolf wrote:

Everybody tends to read The Man In the High Castle, one of his most famous (and coherent) novels.

I want to read more of his stuff but never seem to get around to it.

On August 1, 2007, hanmee wrote:

The Man in the High Castle

I am big fan of Phil.

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