Herpetic Friday

22 Jun 2007


Just thought I'd share my Gross Moment of the Day. I was walking through our conference room and, needing to jot something down, grabbed the nearest pen. After writing down my important business note, I noticed it was a medical pen -- one of those promotional giveaways. It said ZOVIRAX in huge green letters. Curiosity got the best of me, so I Googled it. Yep, it's a Herpes cream. Kinda grossed me out, so I threw the pen violently at the wall and headed to the kitchen for a blast of the antibacterial gel that we stock, apparently for good reason, in vast quantities.

That graphic, above, came from the web page on which I learned about Zovirax and other creams. To me, she looks a little happy for someone with Herpes. But, then again, Paris Hilton always looks happy, too (well, except for lately).

Speaking of the heeby-jeebies, want to read the Absolute. Most. Disgusting. Post. Ever? Try Dragon Laugh's post from Wednesday. Every time you think it's gotten as gross as it can get, it just gets worse. Seriously, if you hate your job, read her article; you'll feel blessed. I once attempted to go for the gross out here in the virtual pixels of BSUWG; it involved a woman and a Dalmatian, and drew hate mail from four continents. But, this one's 10x worse. It should be nominated for some sort of award.

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