The Eagle Has Died

30 Jan 2007


Interesting story in the news last night, largely ignored by the media (which, I submit, is less biased politically left or right than simply biased against anything of general interest at all):

JUNEAU, Alaska - About 10,000 Juneau residents briefly lost power after a bald eagle lugging a deer head crashed into transmission lines. "You have to live in Alaska to have this kind of outage scenario," said Gayle Wood, an Alaska Electric Light & Power spokeswoman. "This is the story of the overly ambitious eagle who evidently found a deer head in the landfill." The bird, weighed down by the deer head, apparently failed to clear the transmission lines, she said. A repair crew found the eagle dead, the deer head nearby. ...

Any electricity buffs in the house? I'm wondering what the hell happened here. Birds have a long and successful history with electrical wires. Googling the phrase "bird on a wire" nets at least 435,000 hits, according to that search engine (mostly references to what must be an awful movie starring Mel Gibson, Goldie Hawn, and David Carradine; and to a Leonard Cohen song).

I never got into Cohen, btw, so I couldn't even begin to imagine what the lyrics mean:

Like a bird on the wire,
like a drunk in a midnight choir
I have tried in my way to be free.

Yeah, that's poetry, man. I'm going to head right out and pirate all the Leonard Cohen I can. (Not.)

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the bird on a wire thing. So, this "overly ambitious eagle" picks up a deer head, flies into a wire, and dies? Again, I'm no electrical journeyman, but wouldn't the bird have to actually ground itself in order to die from such a collision?

Suddenly, I just lost interest in this post. I was going to go off on a stupid rant about this story really being a metaphor, but ... You know, sometimes you just get bored with these thoughts and they lead nowhere. Time to delete everything ... Hey, wait a minute, this is a blog ! I'll click "send" anyway ...

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