I Was My Own 10,000th Visitor

28 Jan 2007

[sorry, I lost the picture]

Screenshot, above, to prove it (not that screenshots actually prove anything, what with Photoshop and all). Label me easily amused, I guess. Actually, when I visited, it was only on 9,984. So, I hit refresh 16 times just to see it change. Kind of like that special feeling you get when your odometer turns over a special number, like all sevens or something -- even the tenths of a mile digit. This kind of thing was way cooler, though, back in the days of analog odometers. You young whippersnappers with your digital displays just don't know what I'm talking about -- unless you bought yourself an old junker. But, damn, back in the day, it was a magical moment -- made you want to pull over and just comtemplate your existence, as though some miracle might happen in the vicinity of such an alignment.

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