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21 Jan 2007


So, my daughter and I slowly sauntered into a Borders Books on Friday night, perhaps overly full from some Indian food we'd just devoured. I had a $25 gift card burning a hole in my wallet since Christmas. As any of the Chumps of Choice would know, this latest section of Pynchon's Against the Day was rather challenging; I'd been on the lookout for a bit of a mental break. This book seemed to call out. I glanced at it, read the first line ("You bitch, you killed me! You suck!"), and figured this would do the trick. Rarely do I purchase on such a whim, though.

I think Christopher Moore is destined to become a new favorite author for things like road trips, plane rides, and various other breaks. The book's funny, weird (full of horny vampyres, hornier Safeway employees, a blue whore, goth teenagers [featuring Abby, whose impassioned journal entries really steal the show], and a handful of others), and a lightning-fast read. I got through it in mere hours, which means I could likely finish all nine of Moore's other novels in less time than I've invested in Pynchon's latest tome so far! But, I'm refreshed now -- ready to charge back into the icy depths of the other novel. Moore's a witty, irreverent guy. I'm glad we stopped into that bookstore.

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On January 23, 2007, Grant Miller wrote:

Everyone on the Internets reads this Moore dude. Except for me. Yet.

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