Kumar Ties Knot; Hillman to Attend Nuptials

07 Dec 2006

Well, I'm heading outta Dodge for a few days. Among other things, I'll be attending a wedding. There's almost sure to be an installment covering this, as zaniness generally occurs whenever I spend time with Kumar. For example, see the following older posts of mine:

June 8: Post covering the "This feeding of the birds " story. A bit of hindu philosophy, perhaps.

April 24: Post describing how Kumar & I got abducted by aliens (well, probably, anyway).

April 19: How to Score (as in, "with women") Using Indian Food (including the infamous scene in which my head gets vacuumed). Great stuff, my compadres.

So, I'll see you all right here -- same bat time, same bat channel -- for another exciting installment next week at BSUWG!

Oh yeah, one more thing:

Neddie Jingo & company have launched a new blog to serve as a discussion group for Thomas Pynchon's new novel, Against the Day. We'll be tackling roughly 25 pp./week for roughly the next year. So, if you think you might be interested in joining in, go buy yourself a copy and read pp. 1-25 by Monday. See The Chumps of Choice for complete details! (Come on ... join in. It's only 25 pp./week!)

Gotta run. the guy in the next office is blaring The Partridge Family now. Must've been a good day in the stock market.

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