Cool Bugs -- And BSUWG Takes a Vacation

30 Aug 2006

I was doing the dishes on Saturday, and sensed the presence of "something" nearby. After looking all around, there it was -- just above my head on the window. How this huge (5" long), wicked-cool praying mantis got into the house I'll never know. My wife coaxed it onto a broom and we put it outside on a weed in our mint bed. Here's a zoom:

It hung around for a day or two, no doubt munching on the tasty flies and mosquitos there, then took off.

Speaking of taking off, I'm off for the Great White North tomorrow -- Nova Scotia to be exact. I'll be away until September 12, and with limited internet access until I return. If I can pop in for an update or two, I'll do so. Otherwise, I'll catch y'all upon my return. Stay tuned for pics of the undisturbed (well, relatively, anyway) beauty of Canada -- the Northumbeland Strait ("warmest ocean water temperatures in Canada"), the Bay of Fundy ("greatest difference in water level between its high and low tides in the world"), and other natural wonders.

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On August 30, 2006, Simon wrote:

Have a safe trip mate. Forget about the computers for a while!

On August 30, 2006, Vica wrote:

Warmest in Canada??? Is that really something to brag about? Still sounds chilly to me. But back on land -- now that should be gorgeous. Enjoy yourself.

On August 31, 2006, roxtar wrote:

Have a great trip!

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