Jesus Will Save. Fairies Enslave.

16 May 2006

Another reason I'm proud to be nonreligious.

I figured visitors to my site would appreciate this one ... My wife recently returned from a weekend trip to York, PA, with my 10-year old daughter. They were attending a Fairy Festival (which is sort of like a renaissance festival-type event, mainly for kids).

Wouldn't you know, the Christian Right was present. They were PROTESTING FAIRIES. Yep, you read that right. Apparently, there must be a dearth of abortion clinics and Marilyn Manson concerts in that part of Pennsylvania. My wife found a web site with some pics. The one shown here (whch I've cropped) is the only one that captures this particular madness.

Can you imagine what they must have thought of the latest Peter Pan movie? Remember that scene where they chant, "I do believe in fairies. I do, I do!" It's a wonder their heads didn't explode en masse.

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On May 17, 2006, Teddy Pig wrote:

I always wonder if they just want the publicity or if they really think anyone takes them seriously?

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