November 2007 Tooth Fairy Note

22 May 2007

Just found this note that the Tooth Fairy left at our home in November 2007:

Wow, did something go wrong? My indicator went off LAST night, but you’re putting your fine-looking molar beneath your pillow tonight!

I thought for sure it would be there last night… But hey, sometimes we fairies get things all messed up.

Take this cat here. She had a little tooth infection once and wound up having to have a molar pulled. Like any savvy feline, she expected me to visit her and perhaps even gain a full can of Pounce-brand treats out of the deal.

But, she forgot to put the tooth under her cat-pillow until the night after she had the tooth pulled and had to wait for her treats. It wasn’t so bad, though. In her case, her gums were a little too swollen to enjoy the tasty tuna treats the next day anyway.

In your case, I imagine it’s the same. Losing a molar leaves a huge gap. For all I know, you’d blow the whole $5 on some kind of food and just irritate the general area. Better to wait... So now you’ve waited long enough, right? Sure you have. So here’s your payment. Sorry such a short note, but I’ve got a list a mile long tonight.

Lots of love, --The Tooth Fairy.

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