Tooth Fairy Note from October 2003

30 May 2003

Found this old tooth fairy note from 10-23-03! :-)

Greetings! Well, you certainly did pick an interesting time to lose a tooth. You simply wouldn’t believe some of the absolutely crazy things going on here in the fairy world. Do you know how the government recently came out with those new colorful twenty dollar bills? Well, the fairy world went crazy for them. I tell you, there was a run on the bank here – all fairies were scrounging every dime they could find to get themselves a crisp new colorful twenty dollar bill. And, before you ask… Yes, I also went crazy for the new colorful cash. I got caught up in the overall hysteria and actually forgot that I’m the tooth fairy. I hauled tons of dollar coins to the bank – almost every one I had – to pick up a stack of those beautiful new twenties. They’re just mesmerizing, aren’t they?! However, when I returned home to gaze lovingly at those beautiful new bills, I remembered why I had all of that change around in the first place – to give to kids for losing their teeth! I thought to myself, OH NO!!! What if someone loses a tooth tonight? I won’t have any dollar coins to give them!!! The bank closed hours ago, so I figured I would just wait it out. And, believe it or not, I had no other reports of any kids losing any teeth tonight. For a moment there, I thought I was going to have the night off – and then I learned that YOU lost that tooth finally. I mean, that thing’s been hanging on by a thread for weeks! I really didn’t think you would lose it tonight. But, you did. So, I’m sitting here without my usual stacks of dollar coins to give. And, I simply can’t give out a twenty dollar bill for a tooth. So, I had to get creative. I scrounged. I begged, borrowed, and even did a little fairy magic – and came up with a few gifts for you: Two pennies from Canada, a wheat penny, two Canadian dimes, a 50-cent coin from Brazil (from my cousin Viviane, who visited my this past summer), two Canadian quarters, and a Susan B. Anthony dollar coin (my last one!). I also found a nice piece of amethyst for you to keep. And, if you’ve read this far, I’ll tell you one more thing. Look in the hall closet by the laundry chute. I left something really neat for you there!

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