Tooth Fairy Note from 2003... :-)

20 Aug 2003

Going through some old stuff... Here's a note to kiddo from the Tooth Fairy from way back in 2003... In our home, the Tooth Fairy always left a long, rambling note. In this case, it looks like the Tooth Fairy had some explaining to do... :-)

Well, you know, I hate to bother my special friends with long stories about some of the more unusual aspects of the fairy world, but sometimes it’s necessary for me to do a bit of explaining. You see, we fairies DO have a system of government, and this system naturally includes the various regulations to which all fairies must adhere. In your case, I’d like to tell you about the “Fairy & Underground Realm Bylaws And Labor Laws, Section III, Paragraph B, Sub-Section (i), item #32.” This particular law, which only applies to the tooth fairy, has to do with children who lose a tooth before bedtime but after the stroke of midnight. In your case, I’m afraid the law was very clear: I needed to wait until the next night. I’m sorry if you were wondering why I wasn’t able to visit last night, but now you know. (And, please, try not to tell anyone about this, as I’m really not supposed to discuss things like this outside of my fairy community. But, you know, even though we fairies have formal laws and regulations to mind, we also always try to keep our sense of humor. For example, we never use the full name of our laws when we talk about them. Instead of saying “Fairy & Underground Realm Bylaws And Labor Laws,” we like to use a much shorter term. Can you guess what it is? Here’s a hint: Use only the capital letters, and think of something that has to do with a cat!) But now, on to the matter at hand. WOW! This is a great tooth. I can’t believe it… You’re losing teeth like crazy. I’m also really happy with the way you are taking care of your teeth. I have another kid a few blocks away who drinks soda every day. It seems like she has cavities in every tooth she loses. Hopefully, she’ll take better care of her permanent teeth. But, you eat mostly healthy snacks, and you brush your teeth very well. I hope you keep it up! Well, I have to get back to work. I look forward to visiting you again in the future.

ps I thought you might enjoy a page from my personal collection of artwork about teeth. This one shows a goat smiling, with braces!

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