Anyone Got Tips on Selling a House?

29 Apr 2009


If anyone has tips on how to sell a house, I would greatly appreciate them! Here's what we've done so far:

* Hired a realtor in October

* Built great web site for the house ( )

* Fired realtor in April

* Hired new "listing broker" agent dude in April

($299 flat fee for MLS and local MLS listings, 0 commission)

* Offering buyer agents 3.5% commission. (Enough??)

* Routinely post the home site on Craigslist

* Have been mailing brochures to local agents

* Have been dropping brochures off at local real estate offices

* Have been hanging fliers at various public places (libraries, etc.)

* Tried calling some corporate/bank relocation departments (but was not treated very well by them).

What else should we be doing? Should we advertise in local papers? Any ideas from experienced sellers (esp. people who did it themselves)?

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On April 30, 2009, Evil Genius wrote:

1. There is the old St. Joseph statue trick.

2. I got the axe yesterday and will be actively seeking employment (and by extension residence) in Pittsburgh. So if you can hold until then ...

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