Wanna Buy My House?

18 Jan 2009


Wow, thanks for all of the comments lately. It's nice to be welcomed back to the blogosphere. I was just doing a little housekeeping on the site, tweaking a graphic or two, etc. With this post, I'm testing out 500-pixel-wide graphics! Whoa, welcome to 2009!!

So, seriously, want to buy my house? That's it, above. It can be yours for the low low price of $189,900. That's not TOO steep, right? You're thinking about it, right? ... Still can't decide? Visit the web site. Have a peek into the life of the guy you once knew as Patrick. Wanna guess what street it's on??? Hmmm, how about "Hillman St." Seriously, take a gander. You'll see all of the amenities we poured into this old gal -- sauna, yoga room, library & more!

We have GOT to sell this house. As soon as it sells, we're buying an RV, I'm quitting corporate America once & for all, and we're heading out into the world as free agents. Yes, there will be a blog about this amazing adventure!

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On January 19, 2009, Dr Zibbs wrote:

Good luck selling it!

On January 19, 2009, Evil Genius wrote:

Hmmm ...

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