Happy April Fools Day!

01 Apr 2006

Since today's a holiday, I've worked up a little politically incorrect Photoshop contribution for the world -- a new slot machine concept that I'm pitching to the hotels in Vegas. See how you like it:

Super Jihad Slots. Note the "Winner Paid" amount. The beauty, as Frank Lloyd Wright says, is in the details. Remember that Bugs Bunny cartoon from the 70s where the guy runs around with a huge sword shouting "Hasaaaaaan chop!" That's the voice I'm picturing for the sound effect when you line up three images. Okay, I'll stop before someone issues a fatwa on my ass.

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On April 1, 2006, wormstooth wrote:

The Glass Tower reminds me why I never went into management. Another entertaining blog. Your sense of humor could get you in trouble with the Prophet Slot Machine, but trouble is the spice of life. I`m sure the guy who compares you to satanic filth is praying for your redemption, so you should be OK.

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