IMHO Installment #110: You Can Keep Your iPods ...

25 Apr 2008


Here's what's sure to be another unpopular opinion: I'm not crazy about iPods.

Don't get me wrong -- I consider a decent MP3 player to be essential to modern life. But, the iPod is NOT the best solution. Here's why:

* They're WAY too pricey. I dislike this for two reasons: First ... For what you get, you're better off going with some other brand. For the cost of an X-gigabyte iPod model, you're pretty much guaranteed to be able to get double that amount (or more) for buying something else. I got a 1Gb SanDisk on Woot a while back for $9.99. Works well. Holds 10-15 albums, which is way more music than I ever listen to at once. (I've also had excellent luck with the "Creative" brand.) Second, a pricey item becomes a "precious thing of value" -- which means that it requires care, monitoring, etc. (You can't leave it in your car w/ the windows rolled down, you worry when you drop it, etc.)

* They're a royal pain in the ass to load. IMHO, a good MP3 player should be plug-n-play, require no special software, and allow drag-n-drop functionality. Loading an iPod with music takes forever, as you have to use iTunes (which of course requires more software on your PC).

* They don't use regular batteries -- which means, once they need a new one, you have to spend another $40 or so to replace it. (And, they likely need new batteries soon, considering the substantial power-drain of their video screens.) Plus, those weird batteries won't be around forever, unlike the standard triple-A.

So, let's summarize ... The BEST MP3 players:

* Use regular AAA batteries (which you can get 4 of for $1 at the dollar store)

* Show up automatically as plug-n-play devices

* Let you load them with drag-n-drop (no extra software)

* Have no power-draining video screen

* Cost next to nothing

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On April 25, 2008, BeckEye wrote:

I just got an iPod recently and I have no problems with it, but the earbuds SUCK. I developed a strange ear infection about a week after I first started using the thing, which I am convinced was caused by those damn buds. I have to go get some new earphones ... those ones that clip on over your ears look good and non-invasive!

On April 25, 2008, Beenzzz wrote:

I have an iPod and yes, the ear buds suck ass. Now, if they would just create something better, that would be great. I have to admit that I still think fondly of my 1984 cassette walkman.

On April 25, 2008, M@ wrote:

I made a big mistake in buying my video ipod nano. Course, I had the flu.

On May 5, 2008, Dale wrote:

I like my iPod almost as much as this MAD TV slam at Apple parodying the Feist 1234 video.

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