IMHO Installment #102: When Your Ex's Ex Was Famous ...

08 Oct 2007

Wouldn't it absolutely suck to date someone who used to seriously date (or even be married to) someone really famous? For example:


You: Hey, honey, look at this drawing of a horse I made! It's pretty great, right?

Her: It's cute, dear.

History: She used to date Frederick Remington.


You: Hey, honey, I must've driven that ball 300 yards!

Her: Not bad, sweetie. Not bad.

History: She used to date Tiger Woods.


You: Hey, honey, I made $1,500 today!

Her: Way to go! Let's go out and celebrate!

History: She used to date Donald Trump.


You: Hey, honey, I think I'm losing that spare tire!

Her: Whoo-eee, my man's lookin' good!

History: She used to date Brad Pitt.


You: Hey, honey, I uploaded a funny video on YouTube!

Her: Great stuff, babe, really.

History: She used to date Stephen Spielberg.


You: Hey, honey, isn't this pop tune I wrote neat?

Her: Yeah, it's real catchy.

History: She used to date Paul McCartney.


You: Hey, honey, did you like my scary story?

Her: Ooooh, it was really creepy!

History: She used to date Stephen King.


You: Hey, honey, I fixed the lawn mower.

Her: That's great, now why don't you cut the grass!

History: She used to date a rocket scientist.

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On October 8, 2007, Chris wrote:

That chick in the 4th picture has a great rack!

On October 8, 2007, BeckEye wrote:

What about that college dude who made out with Britney Spears in the hot tub?

Yeah, what about him? I guess whether or not frat party sluts are upgrades or downgrades all depends on your point of view.

On October 9, 2007, The Idea Of Progress wrote:

On the other hand, every woman that dates me is constantly thrilled by everything her next mate does.

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