IMHO Installment #97: Life Insurance Marketing Hit a New Low

20 Sep 2007


I love bad marketing / advertising. Here's another wonderful web graphic that, I swear, I did not Photoshop. I screen-grabbed this a minute ago from my Yahoo email account.

I ask you: Is this any way to sell life insurance? Seriously, what's the message? Thinking of killing yourself because you're not happy with your package? Buy life insurance first!

Oddly, it's a flawed strategy, IMHO, 'cuz if the dude's that friggin unhappy, he probably WILL kill himself and, as long as there isn't a suicide clause, the company's going to have to cough up $500k. Maybe I'm missing something here.

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On September 21, 2007, Chris wrote:

Simply excellent. Your post that is ... not the marketing:)

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