IMHO Installment #71: It's Fun to Answer Memes!

12 Jul 2007


I've been hit with, and have politely ignored, this meme one too many times. So, I finally figured I'd answer it as clearly and honestly as possible. So, Patrick, what's on your iPod?

  1. That one mega-hit song right now ... that one? (You know the one I'm talking about, right? Yeah, that one.)
  2. Two tunes by obscure local bands you never heard of but which, I swear, are the coolest tunes ever.
  3. Three "Reagan Rock" classics.
  4. That one tune from that movie soundtrack that everyone else hates, but I obsess over for some reason.
  5. Two catchy numbers from a while back that I loved when I was loading music on the thing but am sick to death of now -- and so I skip over them every time they come up in the rotation.
  6. One borderline hardcore rap tune, just because.
  7. Two songs that you hate so much that you actually think less of me (if that's even possible) now that you know I like them.
  8. That one hyper-expressive Nirvana song that Kurt sang just before a particularly nasty O.D. (Fuckin' A, how cool was that?!)
  9. A lengthy podcast that was really only interesting once. Actually, it wasn't interesting at all, but it's from some dude's blog I read and I figured I should probably listen and comment, as he reads my blog and comments sometimes.
  10. That jazz version of "The 'In' Crowd."
  11. A respectful presence of tunes from the greatest band of all time (yep, it's the one you're thinking!)
  12. One classic rock tune that I downloaded illegally, but which plays too quietly, causing me to crank the volume during the song -- and then I always forget to turn it back down before the next song comes on, causing serious ear pain every damn time.
  13. One song that's so out of place in this list, it's a little scary. (Not, it's a lot scary. Even to me.)
  14. A couple songs that everyone else loves, but mine are rare bootleg versions obtained via special insiders and therefore much cooler than anytime anyone else lists these tunes on their lists.
  15. Two songs that aren't really on my iPod, but which are included here because I thought they would make me appear a little more hip than I actually am.
  16. Eight songs I actually listen to a lot but won't list here, lest you think I'm a freak.
  17. A couple songs from bands you love, but my choices are "deep cuts" that you've never heard.
  18. One track of some modern poet reading a long piece, downloaded off the NPR site. (I don't know why ... I just felt like it at the time.)
  19. Two tracks from a friend of a friend's MySpace page. They're not that bad, really, and won some award or something.
  20. More of the same.

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On July 12, 2007, Winter wrote:

I heart this post.

On July 12, 2007, anandamide wrote:

In addition to all of those tunes, I also have the theme from "Welcome Back Kotter".

On July 12, 2007, Princess Extraordinaire wrote:

okay ... can you say ambiguous?

On July 12, 2007, Jim Dee wrote:

Just as an afterthought ... Should I develop some boilerplate language to include after posts like this to indicate that the entire post is fiction?

On July 13, 2007, Kevin Wolf wrote:

I figured it was about 50-60% bullshit and the rest of the post had some grounding in reality.

I really must get out more.

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