IMHO Installment #64: Not All Spam Is Spam

29 Jun 2007


Like anyone else, I get a lot of spam. But, I've discovered that it's not all completely worthless. Ever get those "complimentary magazine subscription" offers? I get them all the time -- so often that I finally gave in and read a few of them a while back.

I figured I'd carefully click on a few of the links to see what was out there -- being cautious about viruses/spyware (which I haven't yet encountered) or the amount of info I was willing to divulge (which was minimal, aside from my address and occupation). Guess what? In no time, I began receiving all sorts of great free mags. Many of them are really pricey.

Maybe it's just a marketing thing ... They hope to build an interest and get me to subscribe after cutting me off down the road. Could be that, I guess. But for now, I'm receiving about $50 worth of mags every month -- ones I specifically wanted! So, thank you, spammers.

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On June 29, 2007, Grant Miller wrote:

What kind of "magazines" you sicko?

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