IMHO Installment #52: Retro Candy Ruled

01 Jun 2007

Winter's blog entry today reminded me ... This is what I lived on from ages 6 - 12. We called the "Fun Dip" Lik-m-Aid. It comes with a candy stick that you dip into the three packets of flavored sugar and lick off. Then you of course eat the stick (and, in my case, wash it all down with a Coke). Anyone want to guess how many fillings I had as a kid? (I don't know myself, but it was probably 10 or so.)

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On June 1, 2007, anandamide wrote:

Thanks for bringing back the memory. IN my neck of the woods, the Lik-m-Aid came in two varieties: one with a lime pack and a cherry pack, and the other with a grape and an orange pack.

I was a lime/cherry man.

On June 7, 2007, Winter wrote:

I love when I inspire.

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