IMHO Installment #33: How to Become Famous on YouTube for Your Filmmaking Skillz

25 Apr 2007

I've never put a video on YouTube, but I figure this is how it goes for many aspiring filmmakers:

1. Put a ton of work into novel videos, incorporating (via masterful editing skillz) snippets from mainstream movies and/or music.

2a. Until audience becomes substantial, go back to Step 1.

2b. If audience becomes substantial (meaning, one of your vids "goes viral"), go to step 3.

3. Hope to Christ someone in La-la-land sees your vids soon and contacts you. (Chances = 1:1,000,000, but still possible.)

4. Continue with one more installment in the same line, unaware that lawyers are now at work somewhere ...

5. Get sued by copyright holders of the films/songs you used in all previous work, even though you weren't making any money from your hobby. (Although, truly, you sort of were "making money" by trying to get someone to notice your genius and hire you.)

6. YouTube takes down all of your videos.

7. Either start playing by the rules(*), leveraging any audience you've built up, or start a new account under some other name and return to Step 1, hoping that million-to-one shot mentioned in Step 3 pans out this time.

* Playing by the rules means no more using popular (i.e. copyrighted) music in the background or snippets from copyrighted sources (movies/television/etc.). Kind of tough to produce decent amateur videos without this stuff. But, look on the bright side: You could alwas shoot bottle rockets out of your ass. (Only, that probably doesn't land you decent Hollywood gigs.)

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